davork has been around, in various guises (and countries!) since 1991.

Historically our services have consisted of various items, from domain name registration and management for SME’s (sometimes white labelled, sometimes direct), through to market data management for financial companies.

Today, June 2021, our business falls into three main areas

  • Consulting for restaurants – usually technical things, but sometimes non technical too:
    • Setup and ongoing management of (computer) networks especially POS setup and ongoing configuration and management
    • Creation and management of spreadsheets (both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets) which allow clients to manage such things as staff time and tips through to inventory and management
    • Whilst these are sometimes on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis, we do offer recurrent services too – which work out cheaper for the clients overall
  • Domain Name Registration and management
    • While we no longer deal with the thousands of domain names that we did back in the 00’s, we still provided these services
    • We do not aggressively court new business for these services, so there are *NO* shopping carts etc
    • If you are interested in talking with us about these, please send us email at info@davork.com
  • Working with financial institutions in a number of roles.
    • Currently engaged with a large European asset manager in the Client Regulatory Reporting group (i.e. the group responsible for fun things such as EMT and EPT creation and dissemination) amongst other things

If you feel – from this brief overview – that we may be a fit… please send us email at info@davork.com!